Saturday, 21 April 2012

How does the extract construct representations of age, referring to the 4 micro-elements?

In both extracts there are two differnent types of gernerations, one being the older generation and the second being the younger generation.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How do the 2 extracts construct representations of social class? Refer to the micro-elements

The representations of social class is shown in various different micro-elements, for instance camera works and editing. The first clip which is from Eastenders, the first shot of the scene is a close up of two characters. The location and characters clothing suggests the general working class representation. Another reason why the audience can suggest its a working class is from their strong cockney accent, this is stereo-typically the working class as they speak in slang, and a differently to a middle class.

The second clip is from a scene from outnumbers, the first shot is a establishing shot which shows the audience where the scene is located and straight away we can assume that this family is a upper middle class, as we can see a father and hes son playing on the WII, and the living room suggests immediately that this family is wealthy.

There is many different camera shot and angles of the of the father and the son. The close up of the shots shows the characters facial expressions, and the medium shots shows that two characters are playing the console, this show the relationship between the father and son. The quick shots of the father and son playing and the other son sitting down teasing his dad shows the strong relationship in the family and this is representing a middle class family.

On the other hand the mother and daughter are shown in a different location and is located in the kitchen. The cross cutting of the two characters conversation shows the strong relationship between the mother and the daughter. The sound bridge used in the editing shows a clip from one sound, but carries onto the next clip, this shows that both characters have equal rights in the house as the do not distract each other when one talks.

Throughout the conversation between the mother and the daughter, tells the audience that the mother is a full time worker, as the father has had difficulties with his work. This suggest the reason the father is playing with his sons at home. This also indicates that at middle class family can also have working problems, but the family is still representative as a happy middle class family.

 As the mother leaves the kitchen